Callous Beauty

Destructive winds and rain violently blended the night;

Each drop seeking a surface it could strike with merciless force.

The trees bashed in a drunken rage

Ignorant of the havoc daylight would bring.


Cracked blue eggs –

Lifeless kin,

With restful eyes and closed mouths once opened,

Were now nothing but reminders of nature’s cruel ways.


But as my throat began to clench,

A red-bellied bird gathered a gooey treat,

And a clumsy spotted dog passed with a heedless smile,

His snout elevated to the floral breeze.


The rich flowers burst from white picket fences,

In sporadic bunches of pink, white, and yellow,

Like fireworks caught in time –

A sharp contrast against the mournful night.


So as I walked along in blissful peace,

With sunlight embracing my bones,

I thought that although life can be brutal

Not everything in the world is so callous.


Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Author: Amanda Peters

My name is Amanda and this is my blog where I write about my current musings on everything art, culture, fashion, literature, and film.

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