My First Electric Daisy Carnival

If you follow me on social media you may have seen my constant stream of Instagram stories during the Electric Daisy Carnival in Orlando (EDCO). This was not only my first Electric Daisy Carnival, but my first music festival ever and it was all catered to electronic music fans such as myself. To put it simply – it was one of the best weekends of my entire existence.

How do I even begin to describe it? The music! The atmosphere! The looks! It was all I could have ever imagined and more. I am still sitting here in a dazzled haze just thinking about how incredible it was.

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If you know me you know that I am a huge fan of house and techno music. When I was living in DC, I loved going out to clubs like Flash, Public, U Street Music Hall, and Echostage to check out both local and well-known DJs. While I love seeing DJ sets in this setting, getting to go to an action-packed festival complete with 3 main stages, 2 smaller stages, neon art installations, thousands of fellow EDM fans, and a whimsical aura was pretty much incomparable to a club show. Since there are so many aspects I want to talk about with my experience, I broke the post down into 3 sections based on what I found most endearing.


I got to see some of my absolute favorite DJs like Malaa, Tchami, Pendulum, Dombresky, Moksi, and Tiesto while also discovering some new favorites like Joyryde, Vini Vici, Ganja White Night, Badklaat, Jamie Jones, and the Martinez Brothers. Seeing the DJs in person left me a bit star struck and it was incredible to hear the tracks I listen to in my headphones actually blasting in full force into my ears. The accompanying light shows were unforgettably mesmerizing as they flashed in tune with the beat and reflected over oceans of crowds dancing and jumping with excitement.  

Besides seeing the DJ’s I’m familiar with, I was surprised to find that EDC opened my ears to new sounds that I had forgotten about. Some of the sets that I stumbled upon without meaning to, like Vini Vici and Badklaat, reminded me that my music taste far exceeds house and techno and allowed me to be more open-minded when searching for new music at home. 

Dancing at EDC


A lot of my friends don’t really “get” house music, so being surrounded by tens of thousands of EDM enthusiasts was exhilarating on its own, but additionally, everyone was so freaking nice! I don’t think I ran into one mean person. Everyone was dancing with each other and giving each other compliments. One girl even gave me a “kandi” bracelet after we danced together for a bit. I still have it and am planning on bringing it to my next festival/rave. 

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As far as the venue went, it was clean, well decorated, and accommodatable. Jay and I had VIP passes, so we had our own separate sections to watch, eat, drink, and dance in. There were special booths for photos, a small swimming pool, a kandi making station, and a beauty booth where they doused you in glitter. Despite all of these amazing VIP additions, one of the things I was most grateful for was having clean, air-conditioned restrooms that were maintained by staff. If you can afford the splurge, I would highly recommend the VIP passes. I really do think it enhanced the experience and made it a lot more comfortable for me and Jay.

EDC VIP Section


Besides actually being there and experiencing the sets, picking out rave outfits and admiring others’ outfits was one of my favorite parts! At a music festival or rave, anything goes. In these places, people really prioritize self-expression and there aren’t limitations on what you can and can’t wear – except for maybe full-on nudity. 

I shopped at many different places for rave outfits but discovered even more brands with amazing selections AFTER the festival. However, I wish I had done more research about each brands shipping and return policies because 2 bodysuits I ordered didn’t fit and one of my outfits didn’t send on time. My town is small so there are not a lot of shopping options which led me to buy something at Victoria’s Secret. It was cute and I’ll wear it again, but it was not what I really envisioned for myself because I wanted something more bright and colorful. Below are some of my recommendations of rave-centric brands I did buy from that are made for festival-goers. 


Overall, this was the best place I shopped at and thought they had the best customer service. I ordered my pink bodysuit from here for only about $15! They have a great return policy and were able to refund my overnight shipping since it actually took 2 days to send instead of one. Usually, I wouldn’t really make a fuss about that but unfortunately, it didn’t arrive before we left for Orlando. They have really great sales and a large selection of rave gear so I will definitely shop here again. 

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Mi Gente Clothing

This brand has really unique fits! I got my sequin skirt here for a fair price. The only downside to this brand is that they absolutely accept no returns so pay attention to the sizing guides. I think some of the outfits may be worth the risk though because they are completely different from what other brands offer. Rave clothing can be stretchy but I feel like as long as you order your general size, it’ll fit. 

Overall, I am so happy I got a chance to go to EDC! I 100% caught the festival fever and am already planning the next time I can get my ass to another event! EDC Vegas, perhaps? Also, a huge shoutout to Jay for making it all possible ❤

EDC Selfie

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