Meet Your Dream Satin Slip Dress – And It’s Under $80

While the holidays are (depressingly) over, I’m still dreaming about the slip dress I wore to my boyfriend’s Christmas party. The smooth and soft satin texture was delicious and felt luxurious. The flattering cut hugged me it the right places. The emerald color complimented my skin tone and color features. *sigh* It was just perfect.

So, why am I still mulling over this fashion find? Well, the boutique I got it from offers the dress style in 10 other colors and patterns ranging from a bold tiger print to a soft pink and I genuinely feel like it would be a shame if y’all didn’t check them all out for upcoming dressy events in the spring/summer. I know if I didn’t get the emerald, the cheetah print or lavender option would be sitting in my cart!

perfect satin midi dress
Wearing the Schiffer Slip Midi Dress in Emerald

It’s important to note that the boutique is from Australia, so the sizing is a little different. I ordered a size 8 even though for US shopping I’m usually around a 2 or 4. The boutique, Beginning Boutique, offers a cute array of flirty, fun clothing so when you’re done browzing these beauties, be sure to give the entire shop a look!

the perfect satin slip dress
Just a small sample of the stunning color choices

*This post was not sponsored

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