How A Fancy Coffee Maker Led Me To A Personal Style Epiphany

Lately, my fashion inspiration has been lacking. With the whole “new year, a new decade, new me” type of thing playing out in my head, I can’t help but feel like my wardrobe needs some sort of revamping … but what exactly does it need? More comfortable shoes? More basic layering pieces? More jeans? This question has been troubling my mind for the past few weeks until a fancy new coffee maker assisted my most recent style epiphany.

So let me give you a little bit of backstory: A few nights ago, my coffee maker broke. While I won’t say that I’m happy it did, it was certainly time for an upgrade. After a prompt run to Target, my new drug maker sits spectacularly on my kitchen counter and quite frankly, it’s pretty badass. It’s stainless steel, has pre-programmable brew settings, and can brew 14 cups of coffee at a time. Honestly, the thing makes me feel so mature and gives me a sense of centeredness that I never thought a mundane appliance could. The next morning, a fresh batch of hazelnut brew wafted slowly into my bedroom before I even got up, and all I could smugly think to myself was, “Wow. This is peak adulthood.”

Later on, while I was sipping on said coffee and checking up on my blog, it dawned on me that this elevated, mature item now accenting my daily life could be linked to what’s lacking in my personal style. Perhaps, since I was (and still am) feeling so sure of myself after getting such a “big girl” item, the key to accessing a wardrobe I’m more proud of are more “big girl” fashion pieces to coexist with what I already have. Some examples of pieces I have in mind for this transition are dusters, blazers, loafers, trousers, trench coats, and more.

When I checked my archives of saved style inspo, I certainly noticed the correlation between my recent revelation and the influx of more sleek and mature looks. While I don’t want to change my core sense of self when it comes to style, I do think that allowing it to mature while I also mature (and get excited about kind-of boring crap like coffee makers) is an important step to help me feel and dress like my best self.

Am I saying that you also need to invest in a coffee machine for a style epiphany? No. What I’m saying is that sometimes, when our personal style starts to feel unlike us, looking at what’s getting us excited can help us evaluate how we are maturing and determine what kind of clothes can accompany us on the never-ending, evolutionary journey of life.

Below is a picture of myself at work embodying my personal style with some polished touches. I wear this outfit a lot!

How to wear a chic duster
Wearing a chic duster with sharp boots and cozy joggers
Like my look? You can shop the jogger brand here, the boots here, and a black duster I really love here



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