An Experiment In The Duality Of A Button-down Dress

Too many times, I view my clothes at face value. A frilly shirt is just a shirt, light-wash jeans are just jeans, and star-speckled sneakers are just cozy enclosures for my feet. When I purchased a fully functional, button-down dress to embody that of a “girl on the prairie” (as my boyfriend so lovingly put it) it was just a dress … until it wasn’t.


I spend a lot of time perusing fashion editorials and online stores, so when I came across this photo from the STAUD Resort 2020 campaign, I had a stylistic paradigm shift. Instead of viewing the button-down dress as just another dress, they gave it dual purpose by unbuttoning it into a chic and eloquent duster. “Genius! I have a dress kind of like that!”, I exclaimed excitedly in my own head. I immediately began brainstorming ideas of how I could style it away from its original intention.

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I messed around with different pant and shirt options for a while but ultimately decided that since my dress-turned-duster was a polished and muted piece, the ol’ white tank and distressed skinny jeans duo would brighten up the look while still letting my new closet go-to be the star of the show. Even though it’s simple and streamlined, I felt very powerful and savvy in it!


This little experiment has inspired me to add more dresses and shirts like this to my collection. Mine was purchased last year and is no longer available, but you can find the one I mentioned from STAUD here, a simple and beautiful white one that I’m considering here, and one in a fun print here.

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